7" Flange Back (Box) Gutter ~ INDUSTRIAL

Re-Sided Metal Roof - Adding a Drip Edge ExtensionFour Inch Silicon SealHemback Gutter being Roll-Formed On SiteOpen Hemback Ready for InstallationInterior View of Hemback Gutter.  Seamed every 75 feetInterior View Zoomed InSilicon Seal along Gutter LineClose Up of Finished Metal Building with Hemback GutterMetal Building with Hemback Gutter - CompleteFlange Back Gutter in WhiteFlange Back Gutter with 4x5 DownspoutFascia Mounted Box Gutter on Shingle RoofBox Gutter installed onto FasciaClosed Hemback Gutter with Attachable Flashing (provides the ability to pitch the gutter) with EPDM Butyl Rubber Cover StripFlange Back Gutter on TPO Roof with a Vertical Termination Bar in Gutter.Pitched/Tapered Hemback GutterTorch Applied Modified Bitumen Tie-InWith Roof FlangePitched Flange Back Gutter.  This one is a 20 degree pitch - we can go up to 40 degreesPitched Flange Back Gutter and 4x5 Galvalume Steel Downspouts

Flange Back GutterFlange Back Gutter

Our custom semi-truck-trailer houses a proprietary flange back gutter machine to handle any size run off. Roll formed to the longest length possible for onsite delivery or local pick up. We generally stock 24 gauge Kynar Dark Bronze and White coils, custom colors available upon request. This unique flange back machine also has the capability to fabricate aluminum, copper and other gauge steel gutters. The gutter has 4” attachable flange to allow for variable roof pitch. 

Technical drawing of flange back gutter

Technical Drawing of Flange Back

These custom 7" gutters can be installed on metal buildings, commericial/industrial buildings and in conjunction with metal, EPDM, rubber or modified roof surfaces.


Technical drawing of hemback gutter

Technical Drawing of Hemback Gutter


Standard in stock colors (standard pricing):  Dark Bronze, Bone White

Custom colors in stock (additional charge):  Medium Bronze, Black, Hartford Green, Charcoal, Sandstone and Bare Galvalume.




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