Leaf Prevention

Choose from 1 of 3 leaf prevention products:



ALCOA LEAF RELIEF is the most effective product on the market.  Practically invisible from ground level Leaf Refief is made to fit most gutters. Its patented Aluma-Perf Technology makes it virtually maintenance free from cleaning, eliminates rusting, distortion or painting. Compare Leaf Relief with other products:


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Understanding Alcoa Leaf Relief Gutter Cover



GutterInsert Pro stands out as the best, most durable, of all foam filters simply because it is the only foam filter on the market that is thoroughly protected by a durable baked on coating. This product is saturated in a heavy latex coating that includes a flame retardant, a germicide and a UV stabilizer. It is then squeezed to remove the excess coating then baked until the coating fuses with the fibers of the foam.


Snap-in PVC Screen This economical product is made from rigid vinyl with a flex design and fits directly into gutter under the shingle and snaps on to the front end of the gutter.