Silicone Roof Coating

Around Roof HatchFull Roof CoatWith Pipe StacksAround ChimneySeal & Waterproof an Old Leaky SkylightPatch on Problem AreaCover Patch & Blend Entire RoofBlending Into Entire RoofBlended to Parapet WallSilicone is also used to repair metal roofing.  Here we added a drip edge extension and sealed it using silicone.

In today's building industry and economy, we all want to the get the most value out of what we purchase.  Therefore, when you make a large investment - like a roof - it becomes critically important to protect that investment, to ensure you get the longest possible life out of it.

Due to increased labor costs and environmental considerations related to roof tear-offs; roof coatings and roof restoration systems are becoming a much more popular option with older structures.

Silicone is a seamless, stable and energy-efficient coating that can dramatically extend the life of your roof.  It can delay the need for costly and time-consuming replacement projects.

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