Heat Cables

We currently have in stock over 100,000 feet of Raychem H612, professional grade self-regulating, 120 volt, 6 watt per foot heat cables. It is constructed of nickel-copper bus wires, a self-regulating conductive core, an insulating jacket, tinned copper braid and an out polyolefin jacket. We also carry Easy Heat self-regulating, 220 volt, 6 watt per foot cables. We can assist you whether you wish to have your ice back up problems diagnosed by our staff that has a unique knowledge and experience of how certain architecture generates ice or if you would like to purchase heat cables. Please note that some types of heat cables that are not properly installed are known for their high energy consumption but with our knowledge we can help design a smart system to address your ice back up issues. We cut to length with heat shrink fittings exceeding manufacturers specifications using accessories/parts with customize electrical fittings.