Ice & Snow Retention

A snow guard is a device or system that retains snow on a roof.  The idea is to evacuate the snow in a predictable & controlled fashion – evaporation & thaw – rather than by a sudden & potentially dangerous, rooftop avalanche.

A quality snow guard product, coupled with reliable & safe spacing, will help reduce the liability associated with the sudden release of snow & ice on metal and slate roofs.  A reliable layout will have multiple, staggered rows and will equally distribute the snow load across the entire roof section.

There are many products on the market.  Two popular models we install are Berger Brothers products.  The first, #100 Snow Guard Shoe, offers affordable protection for walkways, gutters or shrubbery.  They are ideal for mounts to corrugated or flat roofs.  The Stainless Steel offers no corrosion problems or stains and is suitable for painting to match your roof.  The second is the Clear CL Snow Guards which are manufactured in crystal clear polycarbonate with UV stabilizers.